Saturday, March 17, 2012

Estate - Drink Please

This is going to be short and sweet as I'm tired and nothing shown thrills me. Walked in the door and saw a pair of Swedish teak candlesticks walking out. This Irish Catholic lady had a awful amount of stuff but all of it cheap and low quality-lots and lots of liquor bottles. No barware that I saw. Textiles and Christmas ornaments gone? Lordy, the basement needed a shovel for the hovel! I was a little desperate to find things as you can see.

Can't resist lotus bowls-I should really work on selling them. The woman in front of me had a little grey leather wind up mouse made in W. Germany and some other cute stuff. Think I missed anything decent. Did pass on a wood black and yellow sewing box that was quite swank-might have been a mistake.

The was a loud fight between two men for the days excitement. The man behind me in line said there were 100 people lined up before opening, sigh.

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