Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrift - Little Swedish Figures

Went to four thrift stores a good distance from my house. Haven't found anything at them in ages. Did pick up this interesting lint brush, the hat & brush separate from the lower half. Don't know anything about it. It's pretty well made and heavy. Another birthday Boynton mug (I finally sold one)

A red Erzgebirge Christmas candle holder it spins but is missing a gold star on a spike. Nymolle "Maroc" cup and dish designed by Paul Hoyrup. I didn't notice the big chip until I got home, dang. Yellow Danish Rosti server. Sheffield England "Made Danish" knife with wood handle part of a carving set.

Picked up three swedish ornaments in an Antiques store for my collection. The windmill is marked Svensk Slöjd, which translates to Swedish Handicraft.


  1. Great finds! Love the little ornaments. I think the lint brush guy was made for Laurids Lonborg, not 100% but looks like one I've seen. I'd check around b4 attributing though. I think the nail sticking out had a ribbon tied to it.

  2. I thought it was Laurids too. Had a big square sticker on the bottom but I can't find any pics?