Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Estate - Tor Viking

Sorry for the delay my blog has been giving me trouble. Went to a mid week estate sale down the street from me, a 1968 contemporary townhouse on a lake. The woman was a high school teacher with a fabulous modern eye who was downsizing.

I did get a cooking set of "Tor Viking"' designed by Turi Gramstad-Oliver for Flint Figgjo, Norway but don't get excited only three pieces are viable. The square dish and bowl have pinhole stains but no chips, the small casserole lid is cracked SOLD, the pitcher has a chip in the lip and a couple of stain, sadness. The large casserole has a small chip on the lid handle but otherwise is in good shape. For sale in my Etsy shop.

Below is a little set of hand-blown cordials if you know the maker please leave a comment.  Believe these to be from the Tivoi line by Per Lutken for Holmegaard. They all vary slightly in height and thickness. I wish, I knew more about glass as she had a large selection of glassware.

A handmade amorphous maple trinket box, a Micheal Lax Lightolier "Lytegem" one of the originals. SOLD. And a darling little pepper pot that I was sorely tempted to keep, from the famed Derry & Toms department store better known for it's Kensington Rooftop Gardens on Kensington High Street, London. Nice little reminder of the store that closed in 1971. Label: Tom & Derry, 75p. Circa 1960-71. SOLD

A small but weighty Swedish vase probably Orrefors since the rest of the vases where labeled as such. In the back a large lotus bowl. Small blue turkish pot, golly I love these SOLD. A Boda Snowball for me. A red wood German village collection SOLD.

Three yellow wool pillows in excellent shape SOLD. Nice large piece of Marimekko fabric by Maija Isola "Pulloposit" (message in a Bottle) 1965. Vera scarf for the sis. Six Vera napkins SOLD. And for my sister a man purse or "Carriel" a handbag used by men in the Antioquia region of Columbia since Colonial times. Stamped: Jerico Envigado.


  1. I have a lid! I have a lid! Let me know, I will seriously send it to you. Not sure, but I think it's for the smaller casserole. You could send me the measurement. creekhousevintage (at) or convo me via Etsy. Wonderful finds!
    ~ Jenny

    1. Ahhhhhhhh let me get my measuring tape-THANK YOU!

  2. Great finds, and of course I love the carriel from my native Colombia. I have one too.