Friday, February 10, 2012

Estate - Pack Rat

Well, I diddled the whole morning and I arrived at 11:30. One of those sales I should have arrived an hour earlier and needed either my Mom or sister there. Yes, it was that crazy! I noticed a few Etsiers loaded down with goodies. This woman never threw anything away! She didn't spend money on anything either. All the good vintage clothes went fast according to the seller. I kept missing all the clothes and textiles packed into every cabinet, drawer and secret cranny. Very annoying to see people walk around with tea towels, table clothes and crinolines.

Above are the few items I picked up for myself. Candy tin, $4 Boda Snowball (#8 in my collection) and vintage wood bar figurines made in Japan that I was overcharged for. A wire letter holder ram SOLD and an apple tea towel signed Ewan that mom now uses.

All the other items are for my sister. They aren't fantastic just vintage cashmere and wool cardigans for the most part. One exception is the brown plaid "Koret of California Sportsware" jacket that reminds me of the 1940s b/w movies. It's outrageously tiny and has monster shoulder pads, see 1954 red jacket, thanks to Corbis Image. And a weird black eyelet booby undergarment that I regret buying. Should have just bought the sleeping bra still in it's original package. Did I mention how many undergarments this woman had...hundreds! But not nice, sadness. She must have been super small & thin when young and then super fat when old-it was so confusing? And at least a hundred gloves but most had mildewed.

Pink feather cap "Woodward and Lothrup, Washington DC"

Green Sweater "Pandora Scotchkin-Mothproofed-100% Virgin Wool"

Cashmere "Dalton"

Grey "100% Virgin Wool" & Brown Cardie "Shetland-100% Virgin Wool-Munrospun-Made in Edinburgh Scotland"

Salmon "Garland -Sheltie Mist" & Blue Sweater "Lorrie Lester 75% Wool 25% Mohair"

Kidskin Gloves Made in France

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