Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thrift Score: Danish Teak Candlesticks

Found today at my favorite old biddies shop. It was a little embarrassing, I saw these from a distance away and quickly moved in for the kill. There was a woman in front of the candlesticks looking at an item on the shelf below. So I squeezed in next to her, said "excuse me" & out shot my hand. She did that "blink" (when you see something move faster than the speed of light) & looked at me blankly. I've become one of those people, those people you hate!

Teak Danish Candlesticks. Very heavy, good quality & felt bottom. 1960's. Paid a pretty penny! Also found a pair "Old Spice - Grand Turk" shaving mugs. Liked the graphics. Apparently, these are collectible. This mug was sold from 1964 until 1978. Bottom is marked "Old Spice" and "Shulton" with a number of the mold mark used by Wheaton Glass in the mug manufacturing. Made in New Jersey, USA.

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