Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thrift: Mod Plastic Orange Mirror

Christmas present for my sisters shop in Dublin. I think, it will match her "String" shelf system with it's bright colors. Found a pair of orange clamp lights (made in Canada, early 1980's) for her too. Forgot to take a photos of them. Sadly, someone in the thrift shop dropped this 1970's 12" bright pop orange plastic framed mirror so I got it for a buck. Made in Denmark.

Later in the day went thrifting with Mom. Forced her to go to the Blindness shop she hates since it's "always full of overpriced rubbish that has been sitting there for years." Her words not mine. But I did manage to find a pair of Swedish dusky magenta enamelled candlesticks (the photo color is a little off.) A little chipped but not bad. Unmarked. SOLD

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