Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thrift - Dorothy Thorpe & Rorstrand

Saw this Dorothy Thorpe style bar set last week at GoodWill and balked at the price. When I went back a couple of hours later it was in an Etsy-iers cart. But when I returned today there it was on the shelf! SOLD

Two vintage 'Better Homes and Gardens' cookbooks. Pair of recent kitsch owl and Japanese doll mugs, made by Jewel Japan SOLD. Porcelain Mallard by Royal Dux, Bohemia (I think, it's dated 1962) Four 'Sophisticate' teacups & saucers by Mikasa, 1985-87, attributed to Ben Seibel in my reference book.

Current tomato-red Grobal baby planter designed by Karim Rashid (peice of junk as it faded in a year. Pair 'The Black Horse Tavern 1794' wood and cork coasters, Japan sticker on back.

And below, at my old biddy store I discovered four Rorstrand of Sweden handpainted 'Fokus' teacups sans saucers, 1970-79. Maybe I'll get lucky and the saucers will show up later. At this thrift in the past, on two separate occasions, I found matching Rorstrand 'Picknik' bowls and teapot.

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