Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thrift Score! Dansk Odin Flatware

Well, after the disappointing 95 vendors community yardsale I headed to my fave thrift store. Probably not the best idea as I was rather sick.

I don't usually look in the cutlery bin 'cause I hate thumbing through hundreds of knives. But today, the bins were quite empty and I saw brown handled forks which I always pick up. Lo and behold, I saw the Dansk Odin knives. And with the Ducks logo meaning they are early production. Six knives, four forks and a smaller fork. Where do you think the rest of the set is? The thrift sticker dates them 8/22 so maybe someone picked up the others?

22 pieces of 'EKCO, Eternia, Japan' with faux wood composite handles.  Probably from the 60's these are quite collectible. (Have 5 other pieces too)

A piece of owl pottery. 1966 Weight Watchers scale for 25 cents, it's heavier than my later ones. And a little wooden butter spreader stamped 'Sweden'

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