Friday, June 14, 2013

Estate Score! At The Bates Motel

At this spooky 1870s (a former hotel in the 20s) found this Rare Woods Cocobolo tray hanging on a bedroom wall. I also got it for an amazing price considering the cost of other stickered items in the house. The cast iron Dansk candlesticks are for a thrift buddy.

For some reason fell in love with these repro Medieval handblown prunted glasses and waaaay over paid for them. Think I was still high off the Dansk tray. Maybe someone who likes Game of Thrones will buy them? Craft book for 1968, teak Dansk board, Pyrex and a Cypress wood bangle Handcrafted by Huppke of Florida SOLD.

It was a great old house but need a swimming pool (think Olympic size) full of cash in updates and repairs. The coolest thing was all the old doors still had the hotel room numbers on them. Hopefully someone restores the house but my hopes aren't high.

Anyway, I'm happy to have found the tray. Now to clean everything...le sigh. If your interested in any of these items feel free to contact me through my Etsy store - MisterTrue

Mrs. Bates Are You Down There?
Mrs. Bates Are You Up Here?

Mrs. Bates Are You In Here?

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