Monday, December 10, 2012

Major Score! Bitossi Vase

Went antiquing with my mom and sis and purchased this Raymor vase because I liked it (even though mom tried to talk me out of it) and orange is my favorite color. Plus, I never find Raymor Italy pieces in perfect condition. Mom talked them down and got me a great price on it. There was a pedestal piece that I didn't get and regretted afterwards but that's a later post.

Upon arriving home I realized the sticker was marked "BIT" for Bitossi of Italy. Supposedly the vase is the "Rocchetto" line by the great Ettore Sottsass' (Memphis Movement, Italy) Circa 1956-9. So I did some Ebay searches and holy moly! You can see the prices below. Plus a little Japan ornament.


[www. From the design series "Rocchetto", 1956-59. Manufactured by Bitossi, Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy for Raymor (Richard Morgenthau & Co.), New York. Sand colored stoneware, circulating in differently broad horizontal strips multicolor matte and shining glazed, among other things with opaque white craquelling glaze and lava-like matte glaze. Ground marked: 1390 A, ITALY (black glaze, painted), original sales label of the company Raymor 'MODERN in the TRADITION of GOOD TASTE raymor' with number 2619, BIT (abbreviation for Bitossi).]

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