Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thrift - Snoopy Bowl But Where Is the Dog?

With the Christmas rush over one can finally update the blog. Went to my three local thrifts this morning and only found something at my fave. Oh at the old biddie store found this free blue Keyes tray all beat to hell. Maybe it'll wash up a bit?

Two vintage games from 1968. The Funny Bones card game is some sort weird swingers game, well maybe. Older blue mint tin. These Houze glass trays are stalking me. Seeing them everywhere and I love em!

Got the snoopy bowl my sis wanted me to pick-up unfortunately the blue one was cracked. And last five German fretwork Christmas ornaments to add to my three from last year.


  1. This ornaments are great, I love the santa and the little house.
    And the cute game with the animals looks funny too.

    1. Thanks-it wasn't bad considering how dried up thrifts are with Xmas