Friday, March 4, 2011

Thrift Score: Rare Dansk Peppermill plus goodies

Doctor's Office Thrift & New GoodWill Finds
Dansk Peppermill by Jens Quistgaard
After a disastrous estate sale. Waited 45 minutes in line even after getting to the sale 45 minutes after they opened. We joked that everyone exiting was empty handed - translation "too expensive." I ran in, grabbed a yellow enamel Turkish pot SOLD, paid & left for my doctors appt. Everything was new & Asian. Not my thing.

Went into the thrift store next to the doctors & instantly saw a rare first issue Dansk peppermill. Wasn't positive because there is no Dansk mark (I was worried that it didn't work but Mom solved that when she discovered it was overfilled with peppercorns.) I have a feeling it was donated & marked cheap because it didn't grind. It just sold on Ebay for $325! It's made with an all metal early Peugeot Freres mechanism. Designed by Jens Quistgaard. Prod. 1960-62. Made in Denmark. In 1962 cost $11 in today's money that's $77. SOLD

Also, picked up a pair of gold & white ash trays from the 1960's. Foil label "OMC Japan" Red lotus bowl made in Japan.

At the new GoodWill found "Miffy" childrens plate & bowl. Illustrated by Dick Bruna. 1953-97. From Holland. Made by Mepal-Rosti. Plate still has Euro price tag 9,95. "Girl with Sunflower" glass.

1960's Dansk teak board, stamped "Made in Denmark." SOLD

"Wizard of Oz" book, I have a few of these. Last week, I passed up a "The Yellow Knight of Oz" 1930 first copy with color plates for $6 (which I remember color plates being somewhat rare?) It had water stains and the cover was damaged but, I think, I made a mistake passing it up.

Altenkunstadt Porcelein of Germany
Bergdala Glass Troll
Next door, found a "Heidelberga" white decanter with pair of cups by Altenkunstadt Porcelein of Germany. "Unholtz 13.40" label paper on bottom. A few weeks ago, I passed over four of the same mugs, opps. This company make really amusing decanters. SOLD

Four stunning green stem glasses & four matching cordials. They still retain the 1950's "Made in Sweden" paper labels. Tiny Bergdala glass troll. Made in Sweden. Looks like an Afgan hound to me. (Funny thing is, I saw two ceramic ones in separate shops earlier in the week & a large glass one with a chip in another shop the next day.) "Helicopter" illustrated 1970's mug, cracked.

Also, a tourist souvenir Buckingham Palace Guard (bought one last week too.) Don't know why I picked these up - "Napping Cats" candle holder & napkin ring by Renee Faure. Made by Villeroy & Boch, Luxemborg. Found the napkin ring selling on Ebay for $13.

Plus, a strawberry jam pot by Waechtersbach of West Germany. Pre 1990. SOLD
"McCall's Needlecraft" For My Sister
Great 1950's Fashion Plates Inside

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