Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrift - "Running to Hold You Fit"

Benihana "Kokeshi Doll"
From my fave thrift store I found a "Running to Hold You Fit" (direct German translation) W. German half liter stoneware beer stein. It's for holding your beer while you run. Late 1970 - early 1980's according to the short shorts and knee highs.

Pair of Pyrex bowls which I usually don't buy because they cost tons & are rarely in good shape. "Miffy" plate by Dutch illustrator Dick Bruna 1986. Back labeled "By Kanesho Toki" which I think is a Japanese department store.

Åre coffee table book, 5000 editions. Åre is an area in Sweden known for alpine skiing. This book must have come over from Sweden with someone because there's a TSA ticket inside. To bad the English translation is rather poor but the pictures are great.

White ceramic Benihana Tiki "Kokeshi" mug, depicting a traditional Japanese doll. Impressed "Benihana Toyko" on back. Stamped "Japan" on bottom. Described as rare. 1978 Garfield tin illustrated by Jim Davis. Made by Bristol Ware, Burlington NJ (Chein Industries.) Studio Nova, Japan (Mikasa) glass Christmas votive. Various Easter cards.

Pair tea cups designed in 1985 by Massimo Vignelli for the Japanese company Sasaki "Colorstone" in matte white. "Decoration is usually obtained by adding something. Since our design process is based on subtraction, we obtained decoration by removing the glaze from the edges, exposing the material." I've been finding a lot if Vignelli lately, all the plastic stacking Hellerware Maxmugs.

Also found a huge double matte framed 1979 poster of "California Wildflowers" (dang, if I only had a camera phone) for $7.50 but then I noticed a crack in the glass corner so I passed.

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  1. good finds today! are you going to send Dham the running mug?