Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrift: Bing & Grondahl Plate

Bing & Grondahl
Koefoed Hornslet "Liz" Chairs
Portugal Dish
1979 Tayor & Ng Collectible Penguin Mug, I passed on last year
Not an exciting week of thrifting & no estate sales for me. At my old biddie thrift found this 1970's tourist plate by Luciano Creations of Italy. Described as a cloisonnèe mezzotint using vitreous enamels. Made in the coastal town of Salerno the plate is in perfect condition with luminous vibrant colors. The tiles are collectible. Today, a plate sell new for 58 euros. Lamberto "Luciano" Tastardi also designed fantastic textiles during the 50's but I can't find any information. SOLD

The little pottery owl is handmade & signed Canada. Probably 1960-70's. SOLD

At my fave thrift purchased a snowball crystal votive. Made in Austria label (I have two now.) Plus, a Viking Glass "Soft Light Candle Glimmers." Label still attached. Handmade in USA. Company defunct by the early 1980's. I'm interested in finding the year the piece was made?

Picked up a collectible 1979 "Momcat" mug by the illustrator B. Kliban. I remember this cat from the 70-80's. SOLD

Found a second crystal snowball votive. Made in Austria.

Was out in the 'burbs for an appointment and stopped at four thrift stores in the area. Nothing great. Alas, people way out in the 'burbs don't have money. Nothing from overseas unless you count Japan, Taiwan & China.

I ended up paying to much for this Bing & Grondahl, Copenhagen Porcelain "Christmas at Home 1971" plate. Made in Denmark. (Saw this plate, but from 1977, with a big chip on the rim for $14 at the Humane Society thrift, pleeeaaassseee.) Saw six Koefoed Hornslet "Liz" Chairs (from the now defunct Scan) with a high bid of $800. A good price since they sell at vintage shops in this area for up to $1800.

At the Humane Society thrift picked up this little "Stavangerflint" style terracotta glazed dish. Fisherman with net of fish, sun & ship in background. I think it would be 500 times better without the sun & the side flowers. Signed "CA, Portugal 1993." Also found a little handblown smoke stem glass to complete my five that I found last year.

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