Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thrift: Witches, Tiki Cat & Baba Yaga

Another slow week of thrifting. My fave thrift store is closed for the spring change over. Surprisingly, I'm not having withdrawal symptoms.

Pair of children books, "Baba Yaga" illustrated by Blair Lent 1966. And "The Little Viking" illustrated by Isold Schmitt-Menzel 1969 Norway. A large never used aluminum Thermos for myself. Wonder why people never use these anymore? Oh yeah, fast food.

Five stackable plastic "Heller Maxmug" designed by Massimo Vignelli. Teak storage drawer. Made in Thailand. 1970's Teak salad bowl. Rich color, nice & heavy. Made in Thailand. Oops, cracked went back to thrift store.

Pair of crystal glass candle sticks. Thought these might be Scandiv. but they are not as bright white as my Finland & Norway pieces. The mystery continues.

1960's Witco style Tiki cat. SOLD

Mom found me green thin tapers made in Denmark. They still have the Scan store sticker on them. She also picked up a orange cased compass made in France.

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