Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrift: "Malibu Modern" by Hollydale & Knabstrup Jam Pot

Courtesy of www.modish.net/malibu-modern-hollydale-potteries-brochures
Knastrup Jam Pot by Johannes Hansen
My fave thrift was trying to sell this as a plant pot! I got it for 50 cents instead of a $1 when I explained is was missing the lid. High-fired stoneware Knastrup jam pot (missing lid) by sculptor Johannes Hansen. Circa 1953, older Danish kiln mark. Don't know the line name? Johannes Hansen, was the artistic director at Knabstrup from 1953-70.

I rarely see California pottery so I was excited to find this even if was only a single 10.5" plate. "Malibu Modern by Hollydale" Line - California Coastline in mist grey, 1948-1958. Made in California. Mint condition.

Red FireKing Anchor Hocking 1970's stacking soup bowl. Pair of orange & cream yellow collapsible plastic cups with lids. 1970-80. Made in Taiwan.

If I had walked in 5 minutes earlier to my old biddie thrift, I could have snagged a Danish teak squirrel crumb brush. So cute-the tail was the brush. The dealer got all the other danish items too!

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