Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flea Market - Flint Figgjo Norway

Forgot that my community was having a giant yard sale early this morning. I didn't get there until 11:30. Looked as if half the families were rained out.

First thing, I picked up was an owl mug from a 70 year old woman who informed me that she had just sold her entire owl collection, damn! She said they went like hotcakes. While I don't collect owls I am drawn to them and they sell quite well. SOLD

Picked up more Pyrex "Spring Blossom Green" bowl, it's not in perfect condition. Square planter by "Don-Jay Ceramics" "Made in California, 401" with a maroon glaze and white drip around the edges. Company was founded by Philip Stein after WW2 can't find anymore info.

Small German vessel (might be a sugar bowl) with handpainted flower on each side. Stamped "Handgemalt" "C.A.Romhild" and a BB logo I don't recognize. Haven't found any info. yet. (Founded by Siegfried Gramman, in East Germany) I going to guess it's mid 70-80's. 

Porcelain "Melitta 100" coffee filter. Made in Germany, This a smaller version probably for the small coffee pot but could fit over a coffee cup. It's been listed as from the 60's but don't know if that's true. Funny to find a few days after the entire Melitta set.

Flint Figgjo "Daisy"

Italian oil and vinegar glass cruet missing cork stoppers. This came from a family that lived in Finland, Norway and Rome. In addition, picked up the Flint Figgjo of Norway. "Daisy" designed by Turi Gramstad Oliver 1970's. Teapot stamped "1054 Figgio Flameware" Looks as if it was never used. There is a small flea bite in the lid rim but it's barely noticeable. This was an exciting find for me! SOLD

Plus a cobalt blue star shaped votive by Iittala. Just noticed a crack in it. And a cobalt blue glass bird that the owner said was from Finland SOLD. And a glass Madonna icon they said was given to them by a nun in Rome but it's Swedish can't remember the maker.

Also bought a 1934-50 huge mint condition turquoise "El Patio" 17" platter by Gladding McBean of California for $1 but then broke it while paying for it. Can't believe it lasted over 60 years undamaged till it met me! Earlier this week, I broke the door off my 1930's "Sellers" cabinet with my butt, don't ask. I'm a huge klutz and break something at least once a week.

And lastly, a glass Pyrex mushroom jar. I broke my one a few months back. SOLD

Oh, and I missed a large set of those "Harvest" orange & yellow Tupperware sets from the 70's by a few seconds. Not bad for going to the tail end of the sale. Next sale is in the fall, I should really try to get there at 8am.

Gladding McBean "El Patio"

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