Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thrift - PotteryCraft in the Style of Robert Maxwell

Found this 1970's California ware "PotteryCraft" decanter at the Blindness Thrift. It wasn't cheap but I really liked it. It's never been used, the cork is like new. PotteryCraft closed for business in Compton CA in 1995.

Plus a Danish style teak bird head cork stopper. No makers mark, probably made in Japan. Made in Denmark. In the style of Hans Bolling. The cork smells like blackberry. For Sale on my Etsy site


  1. I might be able to help with that teak cork stopper. I have a new in package corkscrew where that head is the top piece (bottle brush), the body is a teak bottle opener, and the base is a corkscrew marked on the underside with DENMARK.

    Since it's mint in package with a blue foil Made in Denmark sticker on the bag, I've been reluctant to open it to photograph and blog about! ACK! I think I've decided that after owning it for almost a year I should just bite the bullet and open it.

  2. Thanks much help! Should at least post a pic even if in the bag. I hate touching mint items too.