Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Estate - German Family

This is from an estate of a German family. Unfortunately, it wasn't modern German but what I imagine the Black Forest to look like? Everything was very DARK and everything had a tobacco stain to it. Nothing but what you see in pic was brightly colored. No Rosenthal or higher end German items, phoo.

Cute red spice rack. Didn't get the mail sorter/memo piece SOLD. Found the ceramic owl TV lamp in the bedroom. It's signed "LL" "81" SOLD.

Black clamp lamp to help light my photos. Bright orange Turkish pot SOLD. Passed on some paper german nesting eggs prob from the 50-60's, might have been a mistake. Adorable little german tourist cuckoo clock-I forget the maker. SOLD

Sooo cute! 1950's pastel Melitta coffee & tea service. The seller thought her mother brought it over from Germany. Missing pink tea cup and there is no ceramic filter drip. The coffee spout has an interesting hole with a ridge leading back into the pot. Apparently, this is a feature of Melitta ceramic coffee pots that makes the spout drip-proof. Melitta is a German company founded in 1908 with the invention of the drip-brew paper coffee filter. Melitta is the namesake of it's inventor, who also started the business. Signed "Melitta Germany" Pink Melitta teapot is listed as rare.

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  1. Gush. Those colours are amazing. I love finding Melitta pots!