Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrift - Frankoma mugs + Huge Green Glass Pendant

Nine "Frankoma" mugs plus a tankard. Made in Oklahoma's only pottery. Believe the designs are from the late 40's -60's. This production probably from 1980's. Pottery closed in 90's? Best known for their democratic & republic donkey and elephant mugs. These have a wonderful thick gloss glaze and are well weighted. Likely, never used and in mint condition. All have pattern names but there doesn't seem to be much consensus. For sale in my Etsy shop

Yet another Couroc of Montery CA tray.

Metal litho Dutch style tray (lid to cookie tin) 1960's. For sale in my Etsy shop

Folk Dutch embroidered oven mitt. Love the red scallop design. I don't believe this to be contemporary because the lining is quite thin. Freshly laundered. For sale in my Etsy shop

Another owl bisque lamp. Mint condition. SOLD

Gold martini mixer 1960's. Great detailed gold and black graphics. Very sleek and trim. Mint condition.
Horse mixer. Also have a Kentucky horse corked bottle and a few horse cocktail glasses.

Found this cased pale lime green light pendent. It's huge, thick and heavy. Glass pendent in mint condition. It will need the worlds largest light bulb. Aluminum cap very clean with modern lines. Needs rewiring. But I don't care for the chain. The hardware is unfamliar to me. I suspect it's Swedish but possibly from Amsterdam or Italian say Vistosi? Circa 1950-70's.

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