Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrift - St. Andrews Abbey Plaque

"Last Supper" St. Andrews Abbey
So I'd been looking at this large ceramic wall plaque at my fave thrift for a few weeks now trying to remember where I'd seen it before and drawn to it's obvious mid century style. Plus, wondering how long before it breaks.

Then one night, I remembered it from St. Andrews Abbey in Valyermo, CA. Designed by Father Maur Van Doorslaer who grew up in Flanders Belgium, he went on to study decorative art in Ghent before entering the monastary. The plaques where designed in 1965 after a visit to study Mexico's folk art. Identified by the large-eyed abstract figures and flat, rough clay used for the handmade pieces. Each section is hand-glazed in different colors. The back is impressed with the abbey's mark.

This particular plaque is a little different from the current design and it's colors are brighter. I would guess to say it's at least 20 years old. It's in excellent condition with the exception of two chips to the bottom rim but they are not very noticeable.

When I returned to the store it was still on the shelf, this never happens for me! For Sale

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