Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thrift - "Erika" Lamp by Noomi Backhausen and Poul Brandborg

Not the best week for thrifting. Walked out of most places empty handed. All the stores were busy, maybe they are hit hard? Plus, I don't know what it was about this week but everything seemed to be from Ikea.

At my fave only picked up a stack of 1960's flash cards. No graphics or pictures except for the math box and the ones lying out. And a small Longaberger basket signed "1986" with nice detailing to the copper handle rivets. 25 years, I guess, these things do last. Probably just go in the bathroom.

"J'aime Paris" (I love Paris) mugs. Made in Staffordshire, England by "Kiln Craft" 1980's. Sold in the first day, huh.

"Erika" series lamp by Noomi Backhausen and Poul Brandborg

Had to rescue this Arabia of Finland "Linnea" bowl with cracked rim. Has a blue leaf border design. Don't know the designer, I suspect, this might have been sold at Crate & Barrel a long time ago?

Here is proof that you shouldn't give up even on the worst & most overpriced thrift stores. Visited the scary warehouse backroom where the furniture is sold. All of it is piled into rubbish heaped mountains of the cheapest & most damaged furniture you could hope for. Spotted the danish stoneware lamp but it was without a price, while waiting for staff, I glanced around at other lamp prices. 80 dollars, 90 dollars, a small glass Ikea (again) lamp with that stupid "hand blown glass" sticker(does it count as handmade if  made by slave workers & are they actual artisans?) marked 30 dollars! Yikes!

So the stoneware lamp belongs to the "Erika" series designed by artists Noomi Backhausen and Poul Brandborg in the early 70's. Stamped "Soholm Stentoj" "Bornholm Denmark" "Handmade" Quite a heavy piece. I'm unfamiliar with this type of harp? Probably will sell this since, I might be able to pack it reasonably well?

Current piece by  Kosta Boda "Atoll Votive" designed by Anna Ehrner. It's very oversized and heavy. They retail for $50. For Sale on my Etsy site

Passed on a Ken Edwards mug since I was unsure about the "KE" signature and if it'd be worth anything, oops. I'm sure, it'll be gone by my next visit.

Also passed on 3 Couroc "Fishing Village" glasses at GoodW. And why does stuff cost twice as much at this location compared to the one by my house?

"Linnea" Arabia of Finland

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