Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrift - Wow! Lots of Finds!

Things seem to be picking up at thrift stores. Not a shabby day. Carlton cards "Spot of Tea" mug designed by Mary Thelen. Circa 80's to early 90's. Teeny tiny plastic frames made in Taiwan during the 70's for sister.

3 transparent blue Dansk bowl/tray set designed by Gunnar Cyren. Have a black one too. Circa 1970's. Very solid and heavy plastic not the cheapo dollar store stuff you find nowadays. I don't know if these are popular but I hate leaving Dansk behind. For Sale on my Etsy site

Another bullet lamp but it's missing a part don't know if it can be fixed (just sold one on Etsy)

Marimekko's 1975 "Schoolhouse" by Pfaltzgraff mug in mint condition likely never used. Perfect gift for a teacher. Probably by Marimekko's  Japanese artist Katsuji Wakisaka. Believe this to be rare. A very heavy and substantial mug this will keep coffee warm forever. SOLD

Rosti "Margrethe" white mixing bowl was designed in 1950 in honor of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. In good shape though the rubber base has hardened. Signed "Design Sigvard Bernadotte Og Acton Bjorn" 1955. On a side note, Sigvard Bernadotte was the son of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden and uncle to Queen Margrethe the bowls namesake.

Bjorn Wiinblad illustrated "Juli, Nocturne" wall plate made by Nymolle of Denmark (I have another month too) SOLD

Pyrex "Forest Fancies" bowl. Some chipping to glass lid but I rarely find these in mint condition. I've chipped many by putting in the dishwasher. Don't understand why the bowls are unbreakable but the glass lids chip so easily?

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of GoodWill frogs before finding something decent. $22 for a huge & heavy Danish teak mirror. Has a few dings and scratches but they mostly oiled out. Bought this exact same danish teak mirror but smaller at an auction a few years ago for $30+.

Other GoodWill finds, pair "Roadrunner, Couroc CA" trays in good condition. They aren't worth much but I like them. Yet another lotus bowl. I will probably put these up for sale on Etsy very soon.

Pair Central Park mugs, they aren't vintage but the illustration are cute SOLD. Corningware Sauce maker but missing strange shaped lid, oops. Found at my Fave thrift store "Blue Bird" Ken Edwards vase SOLD. Passed on a Edwards mug by accident last week and passed on another vase cause it had a brown bird and the signature was hard to decipher.

Small dark cobalt blue globe bowl. Thought it might be Bauer, CA. Just marked "USA c"(copyr) A mystery for me to solve. Bright red sake vase made in Japan SOLD. Have 4 now. It's hard to find one without damage or imperfections to the glaze. Rosenthal of Germany porcelain egg holder, found out it was damaged under the price tag. Black tin Dakota state tray but I don't think it's one of the older ones. Sunset "Scandinavian" cook book 'cause I wanted to look at all the gross recipes.

1970-80's German "People Puzzle" by Pussy. Has fantastic caricatures. I remember slide puzzles being very popular as a child. SOLD. Pair celery green handmade skinny taper candles made by "Creative Candles" of Kansas City, 2006.

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