Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrift - 1891 "Chatsworth" Serving Platters England

I'm finding german pottery now & I love the stuff! Hutschenreuther of Germany bisque vase with incised totem pattern by Hans Achtziger, #6259. He designed an awesome amount of Op Art vases. This one has a chip on the rim so it cost me $3. It's a keeper and I'll simply face the chip towards the back of the cabinet. Some more info: Hans Achziger was a member of the German "Werkbund" and one of the most influential porcelain modellers in the 20th century. He was the director of the arts department at Hutschenreuther AG from 1961-1964, later on he headed the form studio. He created dinner services and a large number of exceptional animal sculptures for the brand Hutschenreuther which was acquired by Rosenthal in 2000.

Blue Schmid demitasse cup designed by Le Gardo Tackett. 1960. Tacket is one of my favorite designers but I never see anything by him, alas. I looked everywhere for a saucer or the rest of the set.

Little one armed Polish wood doll for my figure collection.

1960 "Karoff" Buffet almost mint condition and rather difficult to find complete. I thought they were worth more but it's hard to find them in such good shape with all the part. SOLD

Matched pair of transferware serving platters from 1891 by New Wharf Pottery Co., England. "Chatsworth" pattern, Aesthetic period. Gorgeous patina with lots of crazing and some cracks. Was previously hung on wall SOLD 

Two more Dansk dip bowls to match the ones from the other day. Purple dip tray, I mistakenly thought was Dansk, donated back to store. Interesting blue flower tin from 1960-70's. Never used Thermos picnic bag, dang, its missing a thermos.

Just as I was walking out of my fave thrift store and saw this aqua Mistral coffee grinder. It metal and very heavy. Still works! Can't find any info. Either Italian or Australian. From the plug, think it's 1950-60's? Remind you of a Vespa?

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