Thursday, May 3, 2012

Estate - Part II

Thought I'd divide this into two sections since there is so much stuff. At my fave thrift found a pair of molded souvenir plywood trays; map of Lake Geneva SOLD and the other of a Swiss train station in the same region. Look! Found a faux Boda Snowball! Nope, it' a real Kosta Boda snowball. B+G, Copenhagen Viking trivet by Antoni SOLD. Passed on a minty roadrunner Couroc bowl as these don't seem to be sellers.

At GoodW noticed the black globe - generally I pass on globes, even donated one last year but I believe black tends to be more unusual. Looking closely most of Africa is French, Germany and Korea are undivided and there is a French Indo-Chine SOLD. Probably dates from 1939-42. Yes, that is more Pyrex...err...they'll go with all my yellow bowls, right? And last, a 1976 Zodiac milkglass mug SOLD and another Boynton mug.

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  1. Globes still seem to be VERY popular at flea markets/estate sales, I always see people snap them up. I already have 2 (including a black one similar to yours) so I don't buy them anymore either.

    Just found your blog through Vintage Scapes & I'm a new follower. Can't wait to read all about your weekly finds. :)