Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flea Market - Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly

My community had it's spring giant yard sale this morning. I slept in as the sale tends to be rather stinky. With glorious weather the grounds were packed with crowds! I'm being generous in saying the sale was 95% baby clothes. To say the least, shopping took less than 30 minutes.

Did miss out on a set German paper nesting eggs. In the end, all I found was a glass candy jar SOLD, vintage Japan dog SOLD (next to my smaller blue doggie) and three Dorothy Thorpe roly poly's with sterling silver bands. SOLD


  1. I usually dont do as well at the church/community sales too.. you're right on with the excess of baby clothes ugh

    Are those dream pets? We have a few, I think Dakin still makes em or did until recently, though probably not leather ones.

    1. The only reason I go is 'cause it's down the street. I think, it's funny the baby clothes thing (geez-you should never buy new) but the sale made me realize that young people have nothing (other than plastic and baby clothes)

      The blue dog says-Jay Bee, Joesph Boxer, brown just Japan. As a kid I remember tables piled high with Dakin/Japan ect animals at church sales-those where the days! And 1940-50s clothes...sigh