Thursday, May 17, 2012

Estate - Birdcage

Went to a localish estate sale this morning, I was interested in the black "Birdcage/Papageno" teapot ect by Raymond Loewy. Someone was just moving/downsizing and the house was virtually empty. The Van Briggle three stem vase is $68 ($22-50 on Ebay) this should have been a clue, didn't bother asking the price of the Van Briggle conch.

Anyway, the set of five "Birdcage" charcoal pieces was $120-most definately NOT estate sale prices! In fact, I suspect these items were salted since everything in the house was new. It was run by a German lady who's favorite saying is "it's vintage" and therefore costs a lot of money. Her sales are always empty-I'm guessing people have caught on? Except for myself-duh.

Looked at a cool tan leather doctor style bag but it was made in China so I decided to pass.

Fortunately, the following thrift finds made up for this crappy sale.

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