Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrift - Karhula-iittala

Found a box of Karhula-iittala blue glass bowls at my fave thrift! They date sometime just after 1956, the year Timo Sarpaneva designed the "i" logo, as I understand Karhula was dropped from iittala before the 60s. There is even the original price tag on the back. They appear to be the i-series but I'll need to do research.

Little Merten German wood cut-out titled "Max and Moritz mit Brezel" A pair of huge El Palomar Ken Edwards mugs. They aren't signed Ken Edwards but have the little bug symbols of the artisan and I have seen these exact mugs signed Ken Edwards SOLD. A La Modern informed me that KE might have left the company by the time these mugs where made?

"Crown of Thorns" iron candle holder signed JHQ, Denmark SOLD. Not to shabby after such a long dry spell. Oh, and a small noire Rosenthal Studio Linie vase found at GWill SOLD.

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