Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thrift Score - Another Fail

Looked at this folding rocking chair when I enter the old biddy shop. Had an old 60s Japan paper label but I balked at the $69 price tag. When I came back to take a second look the picker dealer with store store in the city(I see him at all the estate sales now buying everything) you see in the pic was on the phone calling his partner about the chair. Thanks to Bit of Butter, it's the Ny Rocking Chair designed by Takeshi Nii in 1958. This is the second thing I've lost in the past few weeks at the same shop.

Didn't find much at my fave stop. This is my third large Chemex but this one has a green stamp. A tiny Sevi angel, a tin recipe box and for a friend a cake server just marked stainless. One the bottom what is probably a 1940s waxed wood shelf.

Left a pink gooseberry Pyrex casserole with lid cause it had a nice chip on the bowl rim, guessing that's why it was still on the shelf as I was late. Ended up putting back a few more items as I was just desperate.