Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrift - The Horrible Horrible Heat

As you may have heard the east coast was hit by rather a violent storm. Fortunately, we were unaffected though many parts of our township have been out of power for days. Even our post office was offering only partial service.

Oh dear, I haven't been keeping up with my posts. I skipped thrifts and estate sales last week. Guess the insipid heat and barren shelves have left me wane. Today, there was nothing at the old biddy shop except for crazy prices for anything vintage; $25 for an "eh" 60s purse and $75 for a leather belt-spppzzzz.

At my fave thrift decided to pick it up this spendy but minty Digsmed Denmark Lazy Susan. You'll see that it's taped within an inch of its life. Another rainbow mug-haven't found one of these in ages. And last, a little W. German Betsy Ross real fur (gross) mouse (I have a nun somewhere too) Passed on a Avon wicker owl mug that I now realize I should have picked up.

After the steamy and over-crowded thrift it was to hot to go anywhere else.


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