Saturday, April 2, 2011

Estate - Brasil Tins, Lufthansa & Scottish Mugs

Kibon Ice Cream Tins
This is from one estate. Described as a diggers paradise more so a hoarders paradise. My fave finds were the bright drum tins & butter yellow leather satchel.

1972  "Manchete - Rio De Janeiro" magazine. On the cover is the "National Congress of Brazil" designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer. Part of his design for the controversial new capital "Brasilia" of Brazil. The building of this city supposedly bankrupted the country & led to decades of civil unrest & the rise of dictatorships. Pictures inside of Presidente Medici are interesting as he was a repressive ruler where the rich grew richer & the everyone else lost 50% percent of their purchasing power compared to the previous decade. His regime of six years was also marked by torture & censorship. Unfortunately, I can't read Portuguese because I wonder if this magazine is a piece of propaganda?

Four 1960 tins "Sorvete De Flocos" by Kibon (ice cream brand) of Brazil. Some are in better shape than others. For sale in my Etsy shop

Large gold glass drink mixer. Frosted "Old Plantations Showboat" glass by Libby. Frosted Gay Ninties drink mixer. Gold bourbon glass. Five green "Open Sleigh" glasses by Anchor Hocking. SOLD

1930's "Hazel Atlas" blue frosted children circus mug. For sale in my Etsy shop

Set of rosewood with brass rivets & stainless steel fondue forks in box. Made in Japan. Stack of 1960-70's children books. 1932 Bobbsey Twins book.

1960's "Pressman" Bingo game. Box illustrated by Milton Herder.

Dunoon of Scotland

Six 1970's stoneware mugs by Dunoon of Scotland. Five thistle & one unicorn. "Hall Oven" green & yellow casserole. The lid has crazing & cracks but the bottom green half is in excellent condition.

Creamer from "Hotel Metropole" in Brussels. Made by Schonwald of Germany. SOLD

1970's soft tan leather satchel. Prob. from Brazil. This might be a keeper, no, my sister took it. SOLD

Grey Lufthansa airline carry-on bag, she took this too. 1970's?

Small "Holly Hobbie" doll by Knickerbocker and a pair of 1970 "Itsy Bitsy" dolls by Mattel.


  1. that photo of brasilia is fantastic. I also like the old bingo game, the graphics are so bright. Remember my Dunoon mugs, the thistle is the national flower of scotland.