Friday, April 8, 2011

Estate - Bodum & Dieting

Went to two estate sales this morning. First was a 1970 modern townhouse where I purchased a still-in-the-box 12 cup "Chambord" Bodum french press & hot milk frother for $12. Still had some Christmas wrap taped on the back. Now when we have company we don't have to make two pots of coffee. Beside our current press is about to give up the ghost.

I also picked up a "Madeline of California" (Pasadena) hot lava orange soap dish. Couldn't find any other pieces in the house. 1948-58. Hi Rach!

The other sale was a a 1965 modern lake house down the street. House was decorated early 80's Early American Country, bleh. Passed on some Pyrex refrigerator dishes with lids. Might go back to see if the iron wrought patio furniture is for sale. Only bought a diet scale with box to add to my collection.

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