Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrift - Paul McCobb Chair

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Found this at my old biddy thrift. I knew immediately what it was but the previous owner of this chair was in the store and said it was from Scan. My ass! It's American made! And why did he only have one? Bet he picked it up at a garage sale in the 1980's. Well, after he said it was Scan, I knew, I'd have to pay a lot for it.

It's actually a 1949 Windsor chair (#1531) designed by Paul McCobb's Planner Group. Manufactured by Winchendon; part of the Planner Group Series. Made of Maple this chair is rock solid & very heavy. It's well sized too. And though it looks hard it's very comfortable to sit in. Guess, he actually took time designing this chair. It's in very good condition with no breaks & light wear. Anthropologie likes to use his chairs as set props, ha ha ha.

Wooden side chair sold at that time for $17.95. That's $144 dollars in today's money compared to 1955.

I just learned that Directional Furniture are his high-end items.

Below is the desk the chair is often pictured with.


  1. does'nt the desk look somewhat like my old one in the basement

  2. One small correction, the chair is not the #1535 bentwood and iron side chair, it's actually a #1531 side chair. Otherwise your information here was quite good.