Friday, April 1, 2011

Thrift - Ron Reagan Sleeps with Chimp

A sad week for thrifting. Places full of people but shelves were bare. Didn't find anything exciting except for the green Holmegaard dish & a cool dress.

Gold Lord & Taylor 1960's "Devonshire" designed by Anthony Muto mod cut cocktail dress (see pic at bottom.) Heavy glass bead loops on collar & cuffs with crepe lining. For sister.

When it rains it pours. Found another ceramic tiki mug "Maneki Neko" cat at the same thrift but different day. This one is made in China and not half as nice as the "Kokeshi" doll. At another thrift store found a Benihana Geisha and Sumo wrestler (made in China). The "Kokeshi" doll is whiter porcelain, finer detail & lightweight. Have a total of four now.

Four stackable glasses Iittala style probably American? 1960's Handstitched "Lilies & Cattails" framed canvas. 1984 pair of Ron & Nancy Reagan paperdoll books. Just found out the chimp is from the 1951 movie  "Bedtime for Bonzo" in which Reagan tries to teach a chimp human morals.

Stoneware mug signed Biite. "Verdens Snilleste Beste-Far" Norwegian translates to "World's Best Dad" Great for Father's Day! SOLD

Another piece of "Butterfly Gold" Pyrex with refrigerator lid in excellent condition. 1960-70.

Holmegaard Glass "Palet"

Found my first piece of Holmegaard glass. Holmegaard "Palet" (pallette) series by Micheal Bang 1969-76. Lovely heart detail. Missing flat Jade green glass lid but can be replaced with cork lid.  Probably a jam jar. Made in Denmark. Set of wonderful spices jars & such. Maybe I'll see more in Denmark this summer?

Small dove pair paper box "Designed by Catriona Stewart" "Expressly for the Metropolitan Opera" "Made in England 1991" Inscribed inside "We live by love, By love alone, Mozart- The Magic Flute" With the original price tag 19.00.

Small pale blue green creamer from Prinknash Abbey made by Benedictine Monks of Gloucester England. Original label. Circa 1942 -1960s. SOLD

And lastly, "Haba" yellow teether or rattle. Made in Germany. Don't know why I bought this?

Lord & Taylor "Devonshire"


  1. i've always wanted to read Bedtime for Bonzo! Had no idea RonnieR was in this!

  2. great dress, I like the picture print, it has a flowing feel to it - like floating on water