Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrift - Dansk Finland & I Hate Housekeeping

Jens H Quistgaard "Orecast"

One pot turns into two pans

Missed a complete set of Japan vintage cutlery including servers by a couple of minutes. Some guy bought them-what do you think he wanted them for?

Urgh, spring break at my fave thrift, it was packed, packed with white folk, not good!  Did manage to pick up this 1970 Jens H Quistgaard Orecast cast iron pot. It weighs a ton! Figure the high price tag & black color kept other thrifters away. Stamped "Dansk Designs" "Finland" "JHQ" Described as rare. Some damage to one of the wood handles, otherwise, enamel and cast iron in good condition.

"The I Hate to Housekeep Book" by Peg Bracken also the author of "The I Hate to Cook Book" Drawings by Hillary Knight (best known for illustrating Eloise) A very funny book. Published 1962. "Houses Architects Live In" by Barbara, 1978. Sigh, dreamy houses. SOLD

Some retro cards from the 1955-60's. Ten cards drawn by Reuban Kramer for the Walter Art Gallery. Dated 1965. Reuben Kramer was Maryland's most celebrated sculptor and alum of MICA in Baltimore.

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  1. love the cast iron pot but can u imagine washing itas u say it weighs a ton. Like the books, they might be worth framing and hang in the kitchen for all menfolk to behold