Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thrift - Vintage Apple Mug

At GoodWill found this Eva Zeisel "Marmite" bowl by Hallcraft White, circa 1952-7. SOLD 

And a vintage Apple computer mug. I haven't decided if I'm giving it to the hubby for Xmas as apparently these are highly collectible. But he would be the envy at work. I can post this before Xmas 'cause I'm safe with the knowledge he never reads my blog and detests my thrifting, junking, Etsy, ect.


  1. hahah, that is too funny. If only he know what wonders could be found at the thrift. Sigh.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Detests your thrifting!?? A quick way to turn around a guy on that is when you sell some of your "junk" for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Guys often only take you seriously when it involves the pocketbook... I know this, cause I'm a guy =)

    Great find on the Zeisel, by the way. And happy holidays!

  3. He's worried about an audit and I do bring a lot of clutter home! He along with everyone else loved the vintage apple mug!