Friday, December 23, 2011

C'Ville Yeah Baby

So my sister's visiting from Dublin for a couple of weeks and she had a hankering for Mas Tapas in C'ville. We stopped at a few junk shops on the long drive down. At one shop, I found a retro abstract orange scarf (I can't resist the color) and a silk Peter Max scarf. Funny, how one finds multiples all at once. If you remember, I found one earlier this month Peter Max

At a second hand store I found this never used "Old Bleach" Irish linen tea towel. Ooo, my sister was so envious. In the same store she found a 1960's dress (I'll see if I can get a photo.)

At Mas Tapas we pigged out! Our favorites were grilled rare yellowfin tuna & grilled Catalan style shrimp. The cocktails were yummy and quickly drained! Our only disappointment was the Papas Bravas (potato dish) that is always a hit or miss. The the service is incredibly slow even for a weekday. The place really needs to high more people. Two people on the grill is not enough! But because we waited so long for our cappuccinos they were free. I recommend the cappuccinos they are rich, creamy and slightly sweet with steamed frothy milk.

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