Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thrift - Creepy Doll

We decided to visit some thrifts out in what I can best describe as "Hillbillyville" At GoodWill I found Taylor & Ng 1978 "Birds & the Bee's" mug SOLD. Recent production Russel Wright Oneida plates. They are not nearly as nice as the original versions (stupid buy). "Seven Dwarfs" Christmas doll (knee hugger) made in Japan SOLD. Small felt elf, Sweden/Japan SOLD. My sister picked up some records.

At another thrift found a vintage Japan tin and red Heller mug. Stopped at the Salvation Army and found nothing-I don't think I've found anything there in years?

Probably won't be going out to these thrift again as the finds weren't great (except for the mug) and the drive was long!

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