Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thrift - Snowbabies!

Headed out early today. Finally bought the yellow Tupperware pitcher that has been calling me for a
few weeks. 1970s Wood painting of spice rack, signed by the artist.

Pair of Heller bowls, I always think it's weird just to find a few Heller items. SOLD

Swingline stapler that I haven't decided if it's worth selling. Vintage Santa mug made in Japan SOLD. Baggie of birds but I just wanted the carved walnut, sticker underneath says "Made by Olga." These two unmarked wood soldier ornaments didn't do anything for me but I thought they were too well made not to purchase. Made in Austria? SOLD. Red hat bottle cork that, I think, is from Italy?

Paid decent dollars for a baggie of teeny tiny snowbabies but I had noticed a few of them were marked Germany.  In addition, when I pointed them out another lady watched me intently perhaps in hopes that I would put them down? Some of the German babies are marked 1935.

1980 Avon roller skate cologne bottle.

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