Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thrift - Vintage Haba Horse

Took a quick stop at my fave thrift store not expecting to find anything so close to Christmas. But I was pleased to find this vintage wooden and leather fringe German "Haba" horse probably from 1960's. Waiting for Haba Germany to send me back the history on this guy.

"Heros" of Germany wheeled cart of wooden building blocks SOLD. Vintage colonial rocking horse, made in Japan SOLD

1993 Russian doll with only two dolls inside. Sandra Boynton Christmas cards from 1981. Two creepy flocked ornaments made in Taiwan. Pair vintage paper clip boxes.


  1. Oooh cute Boynton cards. Any idea why some sell for such high prices, compared to others?

  2. OMG I had no idea. I was going to use them! Huh, wonder why the cards are collectible but not the mugs?