Friday, December 16, 2011

Estate - Faked Vase

Our third and last estate sale of the day. I usually avoid this company because they bring in tons of items and they mark most things retail. Today wasn't any different. Unfortunately, they do almost all of the mid century sales in the area.

Arabia Finland pale periwinkle blue "Ingrid" teacup. I found 4 or 5 a year or two ago. I need to start selling some of my tea cup sets as I have an unbelievable amount. Four vintage girl & boy mice, knee hugger style, made in Japan. SOLD

They were trying to sell these Lagardo Tackett as a sugar bowl and vase. When I mentioned the lid was missing the woman near blew her top. The vase is actually a tumbler. SOLD I picked these up 'cause I have the bowls.

My sister picked up a wallet.

Passed on two "Valencia" Arabia Finland 1960's plates handpainted and designed by Ulla Procope 'cause they were $22 each and I had no way of checking prices. I was tempted as they were very beautiful and probably a mistake to pass! There was some other Arabia dishes that I passed on as well.

We stopped at the thrift store and I found two little red Swedish pigs candle holders.

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