Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thrift - Dick Bruna Curtains

Gonna try and blaze through this. Must be going through thrift withdrawal as I stuffed my bag today? Large collection of Thermo-Temp raffia mugs and bowls SOLD.

Terence Conran's House Book, have his older version that I use frequently as reference. Pile of vintage hankies. Found the Micheal Lax Copco blue fondue pot stuffed in a corner as I was leaving the store SOLD. In my excitement, forgot to check under the mounds of tape as the wood knob has a sloppy repair, bummer! I'm a sucker for miniatures and kids wooden toys, see little pirates, sailors, gents and ladies ect.

Vintage pair of Dick Bruna curtains - thanks for helping i.d.

At my old biddie thrift found a Pat Albeck mug - she's a great British illustrator that's been around since "The Look" of the 1950s SOLD.


  1. Those curtains look like Dick Bruna, which I'm guessing would be pretty collectible...

    1. Oh my goodness! How did I not recognize that! I've even sold D.Bruna before. Thank you soooo much...better erase the rest of the post.