Thursday, August 1, 2013

Estate - Skjode Rabbit

Naturally, I was really late to this Italian estate sale but on other accounts was lucky and didn't get the usual estate pricer person and so all the goodies sold for a reasonable price. Found a Kartell red waste bin and a Luxo desk lamp. Another Kokeshi! A couple of remaining tea towels.

There was the most awesome hanging frosted glass and teak light but at $120 I thought was priced to close to retail, it was painful to pass. In fact, all the cool lights were priced at retail or above - again they were still there at 12pm.

Yes, that's a Garfield mug you see - they are collectible. Not a Dansk but rather a Skjode teak pepper mill, by far the coolest feature of this mill are the two grinding stones instead of the usual metal or plastic grinding wheels found on most pepper mills.

The boxes and boxes of Christmas ornaments were well-picked-over so one can only imagine the gems I missed but digging through the remnants I did find a Skjode teak rabbit SOLD. A little plastic deer, hot red glazed elf (is he missing a sled) and a Italy nativity ornament.

Hidden away was a lonesome botanical Arabia Finland plate for sale in my Etsy shop. Whistling boy in red Wellies by Mertens Kunst, no doubt from a German fairytale. And a little brass perpetual desk calendar.

Liked the pottery wall plaque made in Italy but it was damaged.

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