Friday, August 9, 2013

Estate - Iittala Flora Bowl

Stayed local and went to what was listed as an Antique Dealers sale. Which means getting rid of things that are broken or haven't sold. Basically a dealers flea market in a house. Prices were retail from what I could tell but people were buying, a lot of them dealers. Lots of vintage toys something I haven't any knowledge about so I stayed away. They had a huge junk table loaded with broken bits and broken jewelery for $5 each - umm right!

Saw a lot of German paper Easter items ect in peoples arms but the prices scared me.

Picked up three tins, a tiny rabbit, another partial Russian nesting doll and a egg menagerie for the mom-in-law. On my final walk through noticed an iittala Flora bowl holding a bunch of crappy Disney toys. So I'm happy with that find but it was not exactly a raving success when calculating out gas and time.

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  1. That black tin with the colorful little pictures would be worth it in my book!! Hope you have more success next time :)