Sunday, July 31, 2011

Charlottesville Road Trip

The hubby and I celebrated out 10th anniversary at Mas Tapas in C-ville this year. Driving down Route 29 we stopped at numerous antique and junk shops. Here's a helpful hint, if something in an antique store is marked at least $10 or $20 they will usually give you 10-20% off, just ask. Or if the owner of the stall happens to be present they are usually happy to bargain.

In the back is a yellow "man food" tray that I still need to clean by Chein Co., made in the USA. The illustration reminds me a little of pop artist Peter Max. SOLD

Herb illustrated linen tea towel signed "by hand wert" Found this info on Ebay: "Country Print by robert darr wert was hand printed and hand assembled by out neighbors who work with us in our barn workshop-set among the hillside ledges, wood lots and pastures along the peaceful Connecticut in in Gill, Massachusetts." Wert died in 1966. Mom freshly laundered it for me. SOLD

Royal Haeger matte brown vase 7.5"h, factory is still based in Illinois SOLD. A children story book in very good condition with bright illustrations. The hubby picked up a Civil War book.

A Raku lion with an illegible stampSOLD. It reminds me a little of Lisa Larson, ha ha. A Rosenthal Studio Linie white china cup & saucer by Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala SOLD.

Taylor & Ng "Elephant" mug SOLD. A little glass troll by Bergdala of Sweden.

Below are a 1950-60's matched pair of circus clowns for ring toss game marked "Made in France" Bojensen style soldier see original in background. A favorite is the 1955-65 stamped "Bennington Pottery Design of Vermont" lidded jar with wood dowel designed by David Gil.


  1. Does your Bennington jar have markings? I have a black jar just like this, but it doesn't have a stamp. Have always wondered who made it!

    Love your blog, fun finds :-)

  2. Thanks. My jar is marked. All Bennington items are marked as far I know. But they might have missed one? If it's exactly the same then I'd assume it is Bennington. I love mine!

  3. I suppose anything's possible! It's a dead ringer in shape. I've only had a few pieces of Bennington Pottery over the years, and they were all marked.