Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thrift - Humpty Dumpty

While visiting my Mom I stopped by her local thrifts. Picked up another ice cream maker, I had just sold one the day before on my Etsy site. Why isn't packaging designed anymore? SOLD

A well worn wood man crayon holder, that I just found out might be from the 1930's.

Bright orange large nosed Native American mascot for Camp Mohawk. Likely from the YMCA Girls Camp in Litchfield, CT. Late 1960 -1970's. For Sale on my Etsy site.

For my wood figure collection is a bright Humpty Dumpty. It might be an egg holder? Does the head comes off  cause its stuck. The bottom stamp is illegible probably Japan.

At GoodWill I found a lovely large pink, white and gold plastic tray by Georges Briard but all the corners were broken. A few handles martini decanters (they look like Pyrex coffee pots) that I passed since I thought the prices were high.

Up front are my mother-in-laws "Stonecraft Pink & Blue" McCoy mugs (she has an extremely large mug collection) These were never used and date from 1976. She's still looking for the pitcher then they will be for sale on Etsy. SOLD

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