Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thrift Score - Lisa Larson Tomte

Tapio Wirkkala for Rosenthal Porcelain Noire 1961, Studio Pottery Vase
Once again, I have not been updating my blog and will have to back date several of them. Lots of European finds today. In my Old Biddy store I passed on a Swedish blonde Folke Olsen chair that was overpriced and matte black 9" Rosenthal Tapio Wirkkala vase that was overpriced and not to my taste though I usually love his stuff. Also passed on deep blue plastic Dansk handled mixing bowl because of condition issues.

Picked up a glass decanter with walnut top SOLD. German Altenkunstadt corked schnapps bottle. SOLD

Blue plastic Hutzler spoon (I have 2 others in this color) And lastly, a Swedish molded wood tray with a lovely transparent aqua blue glaze that does not photograph well. SOLD

At my Fave thrift found a walnut end piece tray that I thought was Digsmed but it has no markings. SOLD to Mad Men.

A pair of unmarked enameled yellow and orange saucepans in very good condition SOLD. Probably was a set of 3 or four originally. A dark blue Rosti of Denmark pitcher designed by Erik Lehmann, this was the 4th item I picked up today that was this blue, weird SOLD. A little white lotus bowl and a small unmarked pottery orb. The score for today was the Lisa Larson figurine of a little boy Tomte candle holder SOLD 

For my sister a late 70's to 80's great textile graphic Girl Scouts blouse. I know that the Girl Scouts went all corporate in 1978 and graphic designer Saul Bass designed the green three faces logo. He also designed the Minolta & United Airlines logos and the identity for ATT. You'll be happy to know little girls overseas are safe from sweatshop factories because uniforms are still made in the USA. The book mark was found at the same thrift months ago.


  1. Passed over Rosenthal porcelain noire?? Oh no!

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  3. I guess it depends on the vase then. $50 is a lot to tie up in inventory, especially if you won't love it in the meantime! But the porcelain noire is relatively rare and - in new production prices - runs much much more (like double) white porcelain.

    I was just so spazzed out with your luck at coming across some in the wild and not a more expensive, curated design shop!

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  5. Anytime! I can't say it's a don't-miss opportunity, so if you aren't excited about it then you were right to pass at that price.