Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrift - Wirkkala Noire Vase

Tapio Wirkkala

So on the advice of fellow blogger Joe, I broke and purchased the vase by Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala. It's marked: Rosenthal, Porcelaine Noire, Wirkkala, Studio Linie. Circa 1961. I'm still waiting for it to grow on me.


  1. I bet you will love it more if you put some matte white porcelain around it. Sometimes these things need context!

    I like it!

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  3. I'd watch ebay for a while and see how things are going, to get a good sense. And I'd try to sell it in the October-November timeframe. For the holidays there always seems to be a bit more action on this type of collectible!