Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thrift - The Ryans Irish Green Tablecloth

Fitz & Floyd 1972 Democratic donkey mug. Pair of pristine Cafe Mozart coffee mugs from Vienna SOLD. Box of retro fireplace matches for mom (my parents are terrified of setting fire to things). Boyton cat mug.

Small hand signed "Janin Yoa" water buffalo figure SOLD. *Update: This is Raku ware made in South Africa and retails for $50, hmm.

Large collection of Georges Briard gold embellished glass dishes included a cherry & pit bowl that I'm currently using. Unfortunately, the celery & olive dishes are missing the attached chain and fork.

Nymolle of Denmark "Hans Christian Andersen's Traveling Equipment" pin dish.

Found this green tablecloth (folded in half) which mom laundered all the stains out. Mom thinks "The Ryans" might be related to her, yeshhh.

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