Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrift Score! Kosta Vase by Vicke Lindstrand

Vicke Lindstrand
Holy cow, look at what I found today at my fave thrift! My eyes grew big when I picked this baby up and knew what it was by it's weight. Looked on the bottom and was surprised to see an etched signature. I love this store-it's been so good to me! 9 inch tall Kosta vase by Vicke Lindstrand, circa 1955. Bottom signed "Kosta LH (Lindstrand Handblown) 3143" Made in Sweden. Weighs 2.5 pounds. Need to clean.
Bought this Mikasa creamer and cup & saucer because I thought they were by Ben Seibel. Found out, they are actually clones. Funny, one cup and 8 saucers? Vintage General Electric aluminum ice tray for myself. We had a pair when I was a kid along with the 1950's refrigerator. I like the big chunky ice cubes they make and they go great with whiskey.

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